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With the help of government authorities we try to free these sex workers and get them to main stream of society through organizing meditation camps and positivity lectures. with the help of people and society we make sure that we get them a good life partner to sustainandnbsp;lifeandnbsp;with positivity.

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We truly believe that animals are the real victims on earth. Keeping the ever rising cases of accidents, cruelty, starvation, illnesses and so on, we have built an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operation Theatre (OT) andamp; Out Patient Department (OPD) for such animals who suffer each day on the streets of the city.

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Our program was designed to respond to heart-rending challenges faced by the nation. It is our largest healthcare initiative, through which we support treatment of the ones who are in need of critical medical treatment. Here, we are supporting all the needy children whose parents canandrsquo;t afford the cost of the hospitals.

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Freedom Fighter Trust

andnbsp;started a mission with us to provide all computer program to all poor youth. They offers various technical courses like PHP, Android Development, Web Designing, Data Entry, Sales Training, Server Enggineering, Digital Marketing, SEO and much more.

We just pay a small amount to them to complete a technical course for a child and those amount came from a donation between us. Who wanna be technical then can contact directly to us for this program.

Education is a Human Rights for Every one. - Freedom Fighter Trust

Our mission to provide a technical education upto 20000 students or employees. Please help us to donate in order to achieve our target.

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Every child, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserve to be healthy and nourished.
Save the Children, through its Healthandnbsp;Nutrition Programmes, has benefitted 7.5 lakh children in 2021.

Come, join our mission to guarantee good Health andandnbsp;Nutrition to Every Last Child!

The world is living through unprecedented times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing disruption andandnbsp;uncertainty in regular wage/salaried employees in urban India. These daily wage workers facing uncertain challenges in meeting their daily food requirements. As is often the case, people living in poverty are suffering the most.
Destitute and elderly people staying alone at home and have limited resources to meet their basic requirements.
Your contribution today will help us to provide food to these helpless people who are hit the hardest by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Donating the cause is very easy and convenient. A unit contribution of andandnbsp;Rs 1000 andandnbsp;will help us in distributing roughly andandnbsp;20 meals. You can choose in multiple units of 1,2,3 or more.

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Every child, deserves a chance to a happy and healthy childhood.
Save the Children, through several state-level programmes has enabled more than 63,000 children to secure their well-being in 2021!

Come, join our mission to provide a secure life to Every Last Child!

Many children due to their family situations are unable to access basics of life: food, shelter and education.

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All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) is a premier National Organization committed to ensuring equal opportunities and full participation for visually impaired children and adults in all walks of life. We solicit your valued contributions towards enabling us to help visually impaired children and adults lead a life of independence and contributory citizenship. Your donation, big or small, will always be gratefully acknowledged. You may please contribute for any or all of the following purposes or such other initiative you may choose to help us on.

Uncorrected refractive error remains a major cause of avoidable vision impairment and the second most common cause of blindness in India. Visual impairment caused by this issue is preventable or treatable, usually through a simple pair of glasses.

Your contribution will help meet the challenge of reversing the rather grim eye care situation for our country, currently ranking among countries with the highest number of visually impaired population.

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Friends, all kinds of people live outside the country, but we all humans have one commonality andndash; humanity.
Even today there are many houses or people in our country who are neither getting employment nor getting enough food. There are also a lot of human beings in our country who cannot get their treatment or, we aim to provide all the medicine and hospitality facilities to those families who are unable to pay for the medical facilities. Every one dreams of life to be able to walk and be healthy. When India is healthy then our country will develop rapidly. Your every donation will help us to develop humanity.
Every donation will give a new life to a potential life.

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Education is a powerful tool to break free from generational poverty. Quality education about health, nutrition and hygiene and drastically reduce preventable deaths.

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Origins of community responsibility for the elderly in Cleveland can be traced to the Northwest Territorial law for the relief of the poor, enacted in 1795. This act placed the obligation for maintaining needy relatives upon andquot;father and grandfather, and the mother and grandmother, and the children of every poor, old, blind, lame and impotent person.andnbsp;

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As you all know, there are many people in our country who are not able to get their daughters married due to financial constraints.We at LSPCT just do some efforts in doing the greatest daan andquot;kanyadaanandquot;

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Fortunately, we are living in the age of big data: decisions that used to be made on instinct can now be based on solid evidence. In recent years social scientists have begun to marshal the tools of big data to ask the hard questions about what works and what doesnt. The goal is to turn philanthropy into a science, where money gets directed to programs for which there is strong evidence of their effectiveness.

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